Ragam and Layam are the two most important aspects in Carnatic Music. They enable the artist to paint a beautiful picture in the audience’s mind. That is the essence of what Smt.Lasanthi Rajkumar has been teaching her students since 1998. Smt.Lasanthi Rajkumar began her teaching career in Sri Lanka, she later established Raghalhaya Fine Arts of Ontario in Canada, in the year 2001. Raghalhaya Music Academy teaches Caranatic vocal, violin, veena and Pannisai. Ragahalhaya not only encourages the learning of traditional Caranatic music but also brings in a modern twist. As a school Lasanthi Rajkumar was a pioneer in arranging an orchestra composed of her violin and veena students to perform at various events. This enables the students to grow as artists and learn more about the culture behind Caranatic Music. As a school Ragahalaya cultivates amazing students starting from beginner level to teacher’s grade.










Published on Apr 14, 2013

Raghalhaya Academy of Fine Arts: Lasanthi Rajkumar's Students Performance at Canada Sri Shanmuganatha Swamy Hindu Temple (13-04-2013)